As soon as children enter the school system, they are taught to focus on the outside tangible world. At school they learn everything about mathematics, geography, economics and languages. They also learn to think in differences, that religion A is better or worse than religion B. On television, they continuously see and experience what happens outside themselves in the world around them. And this creates a conditioning that makes them forget to look inside. Business Flirting is about looking inside themselves and change behavior that is in their way, obstructing them to properly connect with others. When you are focused on keeping up appearances, you forget that it all happens within you. You are the change, you make the difference and you live your unique talents and gifts. Who are you? How self-aware are you? If you keep doing do what you have always done, you will be receiving what you have always received. If you change from within, the world and people around you change with you. Be the difference, change the world!