Suzanne Meijroos

Born deaf and HSP (Amsterdam 1967)

A t the age of 4 the deafness was healed but my development as a young child was exceptionally different. Early life for me was a struggle of being accepted, adapting to what was “normal”. School was confusing and filled with conflicting messages, and physical and mental abuse. By the age of 16 I found refuge in what turned out to be an award winning acting career. In my 30th birthyear old trauma’s were aroused resulting in a major burnout, as a consequence my acting career ended, and a great effort went into an intense time of self study, healing and my personal growth. At 35 I started a career in personal development and public speaking, giving workshops and seminars. Using my own experience and experiments on a personal level has lead to very inspirational insights and knowledge. Steadily I started using these to a larger scale and gradually grew into the role and profession of an international keynote speaker. Sharing and giving thousands of people the chance to open up to an increasing number of opportunities to enrich their lives and opening up to their own potential is my daily drive and joy.

Feel free to connect and share to open up new roads and forgotten potential of yourself and your organisation.


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